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U.S. Expediters, Inc. Offering Advance and Reliable Transportation Services!

Benefit from our wide range of freight solutions that serve nearly every industry in USA with paramount speed, efficiency and security.

As an expedited trucking company, with a long history operating in diverse regions of the United States, our company understands all the flaws of the modern shipping and logistics industry. We have taken it upon ourselves to address those flaws, offering expedited delivery services to manufacturers, customers and other clients at an unprecedented level of quality.

Once you get to know us, you will find that our customers rely on our logistical knowledge and expertise in providing expedited and safe freight shipping.
Round-the-clock service for your convenience!

At U.S. Expediters, we strive for quality service with your expediency in mind. By offering 24/7/365 support, we’re here to serve you – when you need us most.

One of the benefits of working with U.S. Expediters is having access to our expert customer service team. With all hours and holidays availability, knowledgeable professionals are always on-hand to answer questions and give updates so you’re never in the dark. In addition, you have the safety and reliability of dedicated trucking no matter how large or small your expedited load is. For expedited transportation, trust our blend of know-how and commitment the next time you need advanced shipping help.

Delivering your high value and precious cargo to its destination, in the same condition as when it left the factory floor is of supreme importance to us.

We have worked hard to develop many industry connections and have an extensive industry network of skilled, reliable and trustworthy shipping specialists. Our commitment to finding the best assures that we are able to guarantee the shipment and delivery date for just about any load.



With the hard-earned reputation and high regard in the transportation industry, operating as a family firm has allowed us the ability and talent to tailor our services to meet your shipping needs. With assistance from the latest in technological advancements, reliable and experienced professionals provide our manufacturers and customers the security knowing the job will be done correctly the first time. As often demonstrated by our equipment and service, our friendly and knowledgeable logistics experts are available to assist with your expedited services and transportation requirements.

Security and ease are produced by our tracking technologies for modern inland and national heavy haul transportation services.

Our reputation, technology, service and professionalism is all brought together with the dedication of our family fleet of safe, talented and professional drivers.

Understanding logistics is knowing that no two shipments are ever the same. Our routes and loading procedures are designed to guarantee the most effective and systematic methods of transporting your freight from one location to another. Let U.S. Expediters further optimize your transportation goals by improved delivery times and reduced shipping costs with custom engineered freight services that suit the particular needs of each shipment.



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