Smart Phone & Android Applications Recommended to Drivers

Owner-operators and small fleet owners are finding that apps are very useful management tools for almost every aspect of the trucking business. Here are some apps that help trucking companies keep track of loads, finances, and their trucks and drivers.

Trucker Path Time is money for truck drivers and using our trip planner tool allows you the ability to save time on the road and spend more time as you wish with friends and family.

Trucker Path offers the best truck GPS to find useful locations like:
Truck Stops
Rest Areas
Weigh Station
Travel Centers
Fuel Stops
Repair Shops

CamScanner organizes and files receipts and contracts CamScanner

From a business standpoint, this app is useful for organizing or filing receipts, and for filing contracts. The CamScanner App saves them to the Cloud. Then the documents can be printed, faxed, or emailed to anyone at any time. Available on Android and iTunes

GasBuddy finds the best gas pricesGasBuddy

Many small trucking fleets and owner-operators could use a little help saving on fuel prices. GasBuddy is a user interface that allows truckers to share fuel prices across the United States. With GasBuddy, drivers can find where the cheapest fuel is before the next fuel stop. This app also gives a description of the fuel stop, including whether showers or food is available. Available on Android and iTunes.

Waze lets drivers communicate about road conditions Waze

Waze is a social community app. Truckers can help each other save time on their commute or share updates on fuel prices, the law enforcement around the corner, and traffic conditions. With Waze, truckers can interact and chat about anything they may want or need to know. Available on Android and iTunes

Truck Stops GPS Road Hunter helps plan routes Truck Stops, GPS – Road Hunter

The Truck Stops, GPS – Road Hunter is an app that helps truckers search and plan their next fuel stop including fuel prices, restaurants and parking. Truck Stops, GPS – Road Hunter doesn’t just keep track of truck stops, truckers can also use this app to track weigh stations and severe weather. Available on Android and iTunes

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