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At the core, our commitment to safety is in fact a culture of safety that encompasses an orientation process with layers of training, continued education with the use of technology, and most importantly, the main objective that is a belief held by all associates and drivers:


While we retain only the most talented of drivers, we are also rigorous with our inspection and maintenance schedules. We understand that drivers create, make and can break a company at any time. Therefore, we have standards for required refresher training and are dedicated to educating our drivers.

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U.S. Expediters takes safety matters very seriously. With our safety policies and procedures, rated second to none, we welcome you to access to our driver’s library of informative learning material created to promote the continued education of driver safety knowledge and awareness.

In support the carrier’s objective to reduce all violations, provide risk management support and to support our safety culture among the fleet, topics found in this library include but are not limited to: weight and size limits per state, vehicle maintenance manuals, cargo securement, driver’s guide to hours of service, Driver SMS methodology, the Motor Carrier’s Guide to Highway Safety, and health and wellness awareness. These are among many very informative and interesting enough to read and learn from documents that you will find with in this library of knowledge!

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